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A native Australian, I decided to relocate INAMO to Santa Monica, California where we successfully piloted the first contactless payment-ready wearable in the US that led to a close relationship with VISA Inc.


I decided to head back to Sydney, Australia for a quick trip with the intention to return within the month to launch INAMO when COVID hit and the Australian Government prevented Aussies from traveling internationally. With our borders closed, I was stuck and our official launch into the US was placed on hold.


It was during this time there was much talk about the Great Resignation and how, with the advent of the Remote Work wave sweeping the US and all around the world, executives were needing to rethink ways to retain, connect and lift morale with their permanent and flex-employees.

With quitting rates soaring, corporate communities collapsing due to the growth of decentralized work trends, remote employees were taking advantage of their new found flexibility.


The Genie was out of the bottle as to how & where we worked.

It's no longer enough to offer a swag-bag full of the same merchandise. Employers have to continue to be more creative to retain their employees who have new needs and behaviors.

Here at INAMO we have been working remotely so we feel we have a good understanding of those pain points. 

It got us thinking how could we use our experience to help employers connect with their employees, prospective clients and customers. 

We're just getting started!

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