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Corporate Gifting Personalized

Delivering video messaging gifting solutions

Create a more personal gifting experience for your employees, sales prospects & clients while reinforcing your brand & core message

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Upload a personal or group videos and attach your corporate promotional video.

Combining video-messaging with wearable wristbands

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Videos work on all devices

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No App Download

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Recognize your employees

With more and more employees working remotely, how can you build a positive work culture and connect in a simple but more meaningful way. Increase employee engagement rates, decrease turnover and build a positive work culture that boosts your bottom line with INAMO.

Whether it's their first day, birthday, work anniversary or job well done, there is nothing like ensuring that your staff have an awesome, unique & memorable experience.

Go beyond swag to appreciation, fun and thank you.


Power up your pipeline & quantify your ROI

Maximize your message and appeal by offering your corporate branded wristband along with your personal and corporate videos.

Your marketing & sales teams will be able to filter MQL leads during & after the event when your prospective clients activate their account.


Your prospects are directly imported into your CRM that then logs the tasks (cold, warm & hot lead tags) for your sales reps that can be reported on so your marketing events can now be quantified on ROI.

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Nurture Client Relationships

Give your partners and customers an unforgettable unique gifting experience with a personalized video-message delivered with your companies promotional video along with your branded wristband.


All this from INAMO!


Create your campaign

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Assign recipient
For a single Employee, Conferences or Events,
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Wristband Design
Drop in your customized wristband and packaging artwork.
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Record Personal Video-Message
Now it's time to make it personal. Record a single greeting or group videos.
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Upload Promotional Video
Upload your companies professional video and any
other documents.

Connect with your recipient

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Surprise & Delight
Surprise & delight your recipient when they open their package!
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Scan QR-Code
To activate the account, the recipient scans the QR-Code on the card. 
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Message on Mobile
Your recipient will then watch your personalized & group videos.
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View Promotional Video
Followed by your promotional video and any marketing material you have uploaded.


Measure every aspect of your campaign. Drive conversions, build pipeline, accelerate on-boarding, increase customer loyalty and measure the impact of every aspect of your campaigns.

  • Notified when the wristband has been activated & all videos have been viewed

  • Number of times the recipient has used their wristband to make purchases

  • Sales prospects are imported into your CRM

We're confident that you will have 100% retention!

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