L I V E  E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Our DNA runs deep in music festivals. We were chosen by VISA as the platform to launch WaveShades (Pay-By-Sunglasses) across 6 music festivals.


Maximize convenience for festival goers by offering your festival branded contactless enabled wristband. Your festival goers can roam the festival, enjoying the music without worrying about trying to pay using their mobile phone when there is low connectivity and missing out on their favorite act or worrying about having to carry a wallet while at the event and possibly losing it.


There is no login or password required, safe and secure, totally waterproof; it’s even moshpit proof!


Festival goers can preload funds up to $500 prior to the festival so when they arrive they are ready to enjoy the festival and make safe contactless payments. Best of all, the main act can record a greeting message to the festival goer direct to their mobile on their arrival.


Bringing the love one wristband at a time!

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