Do the INAMO wearables come in different sizes?

Yes. The current INAMO wearable range have a dimension of 22mm wide and can only fit on watch straps, fitness bands or on your key ring!!

Is it waterproof?

Sure is... you can go swimming, surfing, paddling... you can even shower with it on :-)

What is an INAMO wearable?

  • Consider your INAMO wearable payment device as a cash card.
  • Because it’s prepaid, it means you can only spend what you load onto your Account and you cannot be overdrawn, or be forced into credit.
  • There are no credit checks, minimum balances, penalty or related interest charges which can occur with a credit card.

Where can I use my INAMO wearable?

You can use it in-store anywhere Visa, ApplePay or GooglePay is accepted electronically globally - that's right, you can take your CURL overseas. Click here to see where you can use your INAMO CURL.

How can I load money onto my INAMO account?

You can load money via your normal bank account or top up using your credit or debit card.

How much money can I load at any time?

INAMO Starter Card You will be able to load between $10 to a maximum of up $500. INAMO GPR Wearable The maximum amount you will be able to load at any one time is up to $2,000.00.

When will my money be available after I load it?

Money loaded by bank transfer will be made available within 2 business days.

What will happen if I want to make a purchase with my INAMO wearable but the value of it exceeds the remaining balance I have in my account?

If the value of the purchase exceeds the remaining balance in your account, the transaction will be declined. It is really important that you are aware that when it comes time to making a purchase, to ensure you have enough money to cover say, tips, the bank calculates an additional 10% to ensure you have enough money in the account. For example, if you went to a restaurant and your bill is $100, the bank will calculate $110 (you will still only be charged $100) and if you do not have $110 in the account then the transaction will be declined.

What should I do if I I've lost my INAMO?

Don't panic. Log into your account, go to the “Lost & Stolen” section under My Account where you have 3 options: Option 1: Disable your Account

  • This allows you to place a ​temporary block on your wearable. Just in case you left it behind the couch!
  • Just remember that you will not be able to make any purchases but you can load more money.
Option 2: Enable your Account
  • OK, you found your wearable.. phew! ​
  • Simply enable your wearable and away you go.
Option 3: Stop your Account permanently
  • If you chose this option, your INAMO wearable will be cancelled immediately and you would need to contact us to arrange a replacement.

What should I do if my INAMO CURL is not working at a Merchant?

  • Makes sure your Account has been activated.
  • The merchant has a contactless terminal.
  • You are not trying to make a transaction for more than the available balance on your Account.
  • You have not entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times in a row. If you have, your Account will be blocked and you will need to phone the Call Center to have it unblocked.
  • If your INAMO CURL is still not working after checking all of the above please contact us.