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Founder & CEO




I went surfing and caught up with friends afterwards for a coffee and realized I didn't have my wallet.


Besides not having money to pay for my coffee, thoughts were going through my head of where did I leave it, was it stolen, what about my credit and debit cards and would my identity be compromised - the anxiety was exhausting.

The physical things we still use to identify ourselves with or to make purchases are in our wallet plus our keys, to access our home or office - we still use today.


We carry too much stuff!

I wanted a wearable ​that I could make purchases, access my home, enter concerts, board transit and it was secure.


I also didn't want to buy a smartwatch either because I liked the watches I already owned. 

I started investigating what that would look like? After a few iterations I finally settled on the look and feel of the CURL.


Getting INAMO to market was going to take skill beyond my own as an engineer and this is where Bryan comes in! 

Together we built the platform and were fortunate to have conducted the first ever pilot of a contactless wearable along the West Coast of California.


This has led us to signing with VISA, a US Bank and we're excited to be launching early 2020.

See you all soon, Peter